Grow Your 1:1 Coaching, Program, Course, Agency & Software Sales Using My Unique "Webinar Ecosystem" Method That Brings In $20K+ Sales "Explosions"

We work with you to have your first virtual event webinar with 100+ attendees in 4-6 weeks and then hold your hand to scaling and automating from there... (in a way that no one else is doing).

webinar accelerator

WebinarKit is a done with you accelerator program designed for coaches, consultants, course creators, and SaaS companies looking to build consistent booked calls, clients and sales using webinars and virtual events. 

We'd Like To Invite You To Have Your First Virtual Event Webinar in Just 4-6 Weeks with 100+ Attendees...

And then have the system "down" - rinse and repeat this method over and over again.

We provide the coaching, guidance, exact steps, templates for everything that you just fill in the blanks with, and lifetime access to all the software to do it. 

How Would Everything Change if You Could Run a Virtual Event Webinar Whenever You Wanted for an Explosion of New Sales & Clients?

These days, it's getting tougher to stand out with more competition in virtually any niche across almost any product or service. You NEED a webinar to stand out! Whether you're already making money, or just getting started and know what you want to sell already... leveling up with a webinar is your next move. 

Webinars work. They let you bring in sales lightning fast, cut through competition like a knife, and build authority faster than any slow-drip 60 day nurture sequence ever could.

One of my virtual event webinars recently yielded me 350% ROI from paid traffic the first week.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of people out there selling programs and done for you webinars that never actually had any success with webinars. We've been selling with webinars successfully for years, and want to work with you to install a high converting webinar system in your business and show you how to leverage it for sales explosions over and over again. 

The Next Stage: Scaling Up with Automation

This is where hiring a coach or consultant goes off the rails for most people: They don't get the ongoing support, encouragement, hand holding or critique needed past an initial 4-6 week consulting period.

We've fixed this with Webinar Accelerator, allowing you 24 full weeks with Stefan and lifetime access to the pre created video course so you have all scaling steps beyond your first sales explosion event... and you can get 1:1 help from Stefan every single day. 

All The Ways This Program Supports You 

(And Why There's Literally Nothing Else Like This)

1:1 Support with Stefan (CEO of WebinarKit)

Stefan gets on a call with you at the start of the program where he works with you directly to map out your game plan (he's out for success stories so this is going to be so powerful!) From there, you have unlimited 1:1 access to Stefan via Whatsapp voicenotes. Some students message in every day and some a bit less often, so it's what works best for you.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

In addition to the 1:1 support with Stefan, another layer of support is added: Weekly group coaching calls. Come share what you're working on, get the necessary tweaks to move forward, and even make friends in a powerful, uplifting community of people who want to grow and learn together. 

Lifetime Access to WebinarKit & Live

In addition to helping you run your successful virtual event webinars, we actually provide you all the tools you need to run them...this alone means you'll never have to pay monthly or yearly again for a webinar software. This is currently the only place you can get lifetime access to our WebinarKit Live software for live webinars.

$20,000+ Worth of Done for You Copy & Paste Templates for Every Step

Hiring a copywriter is expensive. What if we just gave you the templates we've used in our business for every single piece using sales-inducing verbiage... and you just filled them in with what made them specific to your business? This is exactly what we're doing for you.

Members Only Community

You'll have lifetime access to the private Webinar Accelerator community which includes Stefan, the team, and all other students. This community is powerful for encouragement, support, insider knowledge, and helping you level up with the echo chamber you need to reach the numbers in your business you've been craving.

Lifetime Access to Webinar Accelerator

The program gives you lifetime access to Webinar Accelerator, the video course that's the backbone of content for this program. Stefan guides you through the material to give you exactly what to do, and you can watch the videos as many times as you need. Think of this as your digital goldmine library that you have lifetime access to.

How to Enroll:

We are honestly looking to work with people who are serious about getting results, because we're looking to build a giant wall of testimonials. So, we have to have a chat first to see if you'd be a good fit for this program.

Book a call at an open time to speak with us to see if we're a good fit, we're currently taking new students.

Watch our training which explains the methodologies & full details here:

Book your call from the available times here:

Book a call at an open time to speak with us to see if we're a good fit, we're currently taking new students.

Don't wait to start scaling the business of your dreams.

Converted 34% On Last Webinar, 20%+ Overall!

Stefan's webinar has been converting 20%+ of our attendees to book a demo call...and just about all of them are ready to pay the moment they get on the call. No more unqualified prospects for us, the webinar gets us MORE qualified calls with LESS work. If you're looking to truly scale, this is a no brainer."

Morgan Williams

Founder, Nostra


9 Customers in The First 2.5 Weeks!

Morgan Williams

Founder, Outbound Leads Accelerator


6 High Paying Clients in The First Month!

Mel Miles

Founder, Take a Soulcation


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take to do this? 

The whole purpose of this program is to help you work less, eliminate stress/overwhelm/uncertainty and ultimately build a business that has automated selling systems in place so you can work less. 5 hours a week is sufficient to start growing, and remember, this system is ultimately what you'll need to do if you want to have a mostly automated system in place for growth and sales anyway.

I'm just starting and not making any money yet. Is this a good program for me?

Webinars are the best way to break into sales in business, whether you're already making money through other sales channels right now or not. So yes, if you want to start your business off on the right foot by building the most powerful sales and marketing mechanism known to man, we recommend starting with a webinar.

I'm more interested in a totally "done for you" option vs. the "done with you" option. Should I still book a call?

We have a done for you option available as well, so yes, if you're looking to have us just do everything "done for you" as opposed to "done with you", book a time to speak with Stefan so we can see what your needs are and if you're a fit for our done for you option.

I'm already making money. Is this a good program for me?

If you're already making money but feeling burnt out/limited by your current setup, webinars are the next "leg up" for you. If you already built a business profitably WITHOUT leveraging webinars yet, then webinars will be fuel to the fire. So, we absolutely recommend webinars as the next step.

How does the program structure work?

Upon being admitted into Webinar Accelerator, your list of deliverables is above. You'll know exactly what to do as Stefan is there guiding you along every step of the way. In general, you'll get content in the course every week to follow, and then in depth coaching and Q&A calls every week with Stefan and the other Accelerator members to ensure you're on the right path and give you everything you need to succeed. 

Do I really get lifetime access to unlimited live webinars, automated webinars, sales calls & meetings?

Yes, since this program is all about building our resume of success stories, we are including our entire software suite for life. And yes, to buy this elsewhere would cost you easily $5,000-$7,500+ per year, making Webinar Accelerator not only the best investment from a business standpoint, but also an insane deal from a cost standpoint.

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