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These days, it's getting tougher to stand out with more competition in virtually any niche across almost any product or service. You NEED a webinar to stand out! Whether you're already making money, or just getting started and know what you want to sell already... leveling up with a webinar is your next move. 

Webinars work. They let you bring in sales lightning fast, cut through competition like a knife, and build authority faster than any slow-drip 60 day nurture sequence ever could. 

Unfortunately, there's a lot of people out there selling programs and done for you webinars that never actually had any success with webinars. We've been selling with webinars successfully for years, and want to work with you to install a high converting webinar system in your business. 

This will lead to way more sales, CONSISTENT and predictable weekly growth, feelings of certainty and comfort while growing your business, and last but far from least, automation and systems that let your business grow while you work way, way less. 

Who it's for:

Webinar Accelerator is for business owners just getting started or already selling that see the power of webinars to make more, destroy the competition and scale while working less. If you're looking to build your very own webinar selling system in your business, this is for you.

Example businesses that would be a perfect fit are coaches, experts, course/program sellers, agencies, software companies, and professionals (such as doctors, chiropractors, etc). 

How it works:

If you get accepted to the program, don't worry about being confused as I will personally get on an onboarding call with you to go over everything.

To give you an idea now, you'll get everything listed below:

Onboarding Welcome Call & Plan Development

If during our chat we decide that you're a fit for Webinar Accelerator, the first thing that will happen is we'll book a time to speak to get you onboarded and go over how to set you up for maximum success within the program based on your specific business and starting point. This way, we give you custom-tailored success plan.

Weekly Coaching and Q&A Calls

Every week, we will have coaching and Q&A calls. The coaching will be specific to where everyone in the program is, as everyone will be joining in at different times. Once we conclude the coaching by giving you and everyone next steps, we'll have a full on Q&A session to ensure everyone knows the exact next steps to take. 

Access to all coaching call recordings

If you miss a coaching call, no worries. Every coaching call will be recorded and available for you to access any time through the private Webinar Accelerator member's area. You will also have access to all previous coaching calls when you join the program. 

Lifetime Access to the Entire WebinarKit Software Suite

As a Webinar Accelerator program member, you get lifetime access to our entire WebinarKit software suite: Including the ability to build and run limited webinar funnels for: live webinars, automated webinars, sales calls and meetings. It fits perfectly into the program content, as we built it for maximum results. The value here is absolutely insane, as this deliverable alone will lead to a 5 figure to 6 figure savings over the lifetime of your business. 

Lifetime Access to the Webinar Accelerator Full Curriculum Training Videos

You get lifetime access to the program training videos, that outline the exact strategy to building your high converting webinar funnel 

Private Community

No successful person will ever tell you that they did it all alone. Community is so important on the journey to growth.

Come join the private WebinarKit community and be among webinar marketers of all levels.

Build friendships, gain knowledge of what's working now, and feel connected so that you don't feel you're trying to climb a mountain all by yourself.

There's no reason to go at this alone and with WebinarKit Community, you won't have to.

Done For You Copy & Paste 7 Figure Templates

Ongoing Support

Webinar-Only Special Bonus #1: Case Study Pricing

Webinar-Only Special Bonus #2: Bump from to to 30 weekly coaching calls

Webinar-Only Special Bonus #3: Stefan's personal Whatsapp & unlimited voice note support

Onboarding & custom plan: 1:1 Call with Stefan to go over your business
Coaching: 1x 2-hour weekly coaching & Q&A call where you can ask Stefan questions live.
Software: Lifetime access to our custom created software to build, test, maintain and optimize all webinar systems.
Course: Lifetime access to the WebinarKit Accelerator program videos
Community: Private community for members only to get grow with & get to know other business owners building their companies with webinars
Done for you: Lifetime access to all our done for you templates for high converting webinars & all other parts of your funnel
Coaching recordings: All coaching calls are recorded so you don't need to worry about missing them.
Support: Get 24/7 support via the community and support desk 
Webinar-Only Bonus #1: Special case study pricing (in exchange for using your results with our program, 

How to get started:

If you're a business owner like the ones listed above and looking to have us work with you to install a high converting webinar system in your business, schedule a quick call below.

I (Stefan) personally take all calls to ensure I am 100% sure that someone is the right fit for the program. 

Once you schedule, you'll answer a few questions about your business so it will make our call smoother..and then from there we will speak at the designated time. 


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6 High Ticket Clients on The First Go!

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9 Clients in the First Two Weeks!

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Mel Miles


"Converted 34% On Last Webinar, Converting 20% Overall"

Stefan's webinar has been converting 20%+ of our attendees to book a demo call...and just about all of them are ready to pay the moment they get on the call. No more unqualified prospects for us, the webinar gets us MORE qualified calls with LESS work. If you're looking to truly scale, this is a no brainer."

Arthur Root

Founder, http://nostrai.ai 

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